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a small compilation of recent work

Brand and promo for Makermade.

Branding and design for 2Wonder.

Wildwood Floristry

Branding for Meek&Royal

Branding and design for Westerling.

Album artwork for the electro pop band Fitness Club Fiasco.

Branding and graphics for SCENIC.

Website for a church in Kelowna BC.

Branding and imaging for surfing brand SurfPure.

Branding and promo for LightShare.

Vim & Vigour brand and design.

Website for New Song church in Port Perrry.

The Sign of Resistance branding.

Clear Vision branding.

Branding and graphics for Mithrim and The Carousel Project.

Thinking Green campaign illustrations.

Display for hillcountry.

Album artwork for Glen Soderholm.

Concept art for Found New Lands.

Promo for Wingfinding.

Concept art for Aquas.

Branding and website for The Backyard landscaping company.

Design and branding for Punkhook Records.

Website for Beckett Canada LTD.

Graphics for The Unseen.

Imaging and brand for Seacalm

Website and branding for Outloud Advertising.

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