Find out how to get into the Coon’s Lair, church storage room and Professor Chaos' storage bay with these missing security codes. Trivia. It is also revealed Kevin is legally Dr. Mephesto's son. Shop. When asked if he has seen a little boy in a costume running off, Butters cunningly replies that he has, and that he was pushed onto the floor by this strange boy. It is revealed that he was given 20000 dollars to keep the citizens from going into the U-stor … Animation: South Park - Professor Chaos (51643) 21,90 RON + 15,00 RON costul livrarii. The boys explain the best way to determine the worthiness of all these potential friends is to spend time with them, and so they go to the amusement park. Professor Chaos has two minions, but in reality are just guinea pigs in tin foil. He mostly follows Mephesto around. It aired on April 10, 2002.[1]. About "Professor chaos" Butters with holding Cell micro set: having converted his basement into a superhero headquarters, Cartman valiantly gathers his brain trust of friends to devise plans to defeat those who would bring harm to the city of South park. Ms. Choksondik calls off the search and decides to use the back-up eraser in the desk drawer. Dr. Mephesto has genetically engineered many different species, such as a four (later five) - assed monkey, a four-assed ostrich, a four-assed mongoose, a mouse/duck, a gorilla/mosquito, a rabbit/fish (this is fake because Cartman said the ears are tied on them), a four-assed frog, a seven-assed Galapagos Turtle, loads of pissed off turkeys and a mutant clone of Stan. Disgusted, Clyde complains that this kind of decision should not be made into a game, to which Cartman hurls more fudge-related insults. Meanwhile, the boys search for a new friend. South Park. Directed by Trey Parker. The people of South Park look on in horror as Professor Chaos and Mysterion duel it out high overhead. About. Fight epic real-time PvP battles and experience a hilarious single player story created in collaboration with South Park Digital Studios! However his powers regarding electromagnets and his helmet to block psychic abilities takes a cue from Magneto. Dougie reveals himself, tells Professor Chaos that he knows his secret identity, and requests permission to join him in his conquest for evil, explaining that he, too, is an outcast. After being shunned by his friends, Butters develops a villainous alter ego and sets out to wreak havoc on the town. His face is wrinkled and he wears a brown hat over a bandana that covers his hair. "Professor Chaos" is the sixth episode of Season Six, and the 85th overall episode of South Park. South Park™: The Fractured but Whole™ - MYSTERION, PROFESSOR CHAOS, THE COON - BUNDLE 3” Erhalte 20% Rabatt für nur 100 Erhalte 20% Rabatt auf die meisten Artikel im Store für nur 100. Upon receiving the orders, the two customers, who happen to be sitting in adjacent booths, inform the waitress that he has received the wrong order, and the situation is quickly resolved. Relatives Full Episodes. Meanwhile, Butters, in his new Professor Chaos persona, marches ominously down the street, looking to perform evil deeds upon the people of South Park, and enters a Bennigan's restaurant. Meanwhile, the Stan, Kyle, and Cartman deliberate over who to choose as their new friend. It originally aired on April 10, 2002. Ms. Warning: Spoilers. For this, he decides to take his evil to the next level. His name is a reference to Mephistopheles.