Repeat this at each corner. The Garage Gator Platform Lift allows you to easily and safely store up to 200 lb of storage. Next flip the platform over and install 3 each 2x4s, that have been cut to 22”, perpendicular to the first 6. Electric hoist – I am using an 880lb capacity model from Harbor Freight found here. Putting Car Lift Outside 9 out of 10 based ... (OSHA Recognized) lift in its class. Since the floor flange is likely larger than the wood in the truss, rotate it so at least 3 of the mounting holes are covered by the wood. or snug plus a half turn. thick in two of the bays, and up that to 6 in. Be aware that the hoist has a lot of power so use quick, small control adjustments when you … The nice thing about this hoist is the control unit is located at the unit so you have to be in the attic to operate it. The biggest factor in installing your electric hoist is the … Since this is thin plywood, you might consider using fender washers to make it more durable. Great question!! Adding a 4 post car lift to your garage is more convenient and cost-efficient. Bicycle Lift Kits. These should be tightened to the specified torque of 5 ft.-lbs. About: I retired from the USAF in 2005 and now work for a local government as a project manager. The SafeRacks system can be installed on the garage ceiling and can hold a variety of big and small items of different types. Love to see some pictures of your hoist when it is complete, and thanks for checking out this Instructable! Then the unit won't twist around and should stay aligned. Your house should be wired at least 2/12 w/ ground so you should be good to use same for your lift. Need more ideas on how to organize your garage with these ideas. Be aware that the hoist has a lot of power so use quick, small control adjustments when you get close to the ceiling. electric lift winch Some states also cap the number of loans per borrower per year, or require that after a overhead hoist trolley fixed number of loan-renewals, the lender must offer a overhead hoist trolley lower interest loan with a overhead hoist trolley longer term, so that the borrower can eventually get out of the debt cycle. Here is where you want some help because this assembly is heavy and you need to make sure it is perfectly level before you bolt it in place. I used a $1 screw in hook right into a garage hoist/rafter. This ensures you can guide the platform into the opening when you are stowing it after use. I built a Trolley/Hoist in my garage several years ago. It is important to make sure that the component which is being employed to suspend the chain hoist is itself capable of handling the weight of the chain hoist along with the added weight to be lifted. I used a HF Tools 2 ton Trolley & 1400 lb hoist. Should I have an electrician install an outlet that has that type of wire to the electrical panal? Adjust the mounting rails to line up center marks on the platform and outside the opening lengthwise. Thanks for the comment Greg! I have a 110v electric hoist in my garage and I am in the process of putting up a track system for hanging multiple deer. How to Hang a Kayak in Your Garage. Greggo is building a garage, not your run-of-the mill garage for the family cars and a lawnmower but a three-bay structure that can handle a 7,500-lb. All comments, suggestions, and ideas are appreciated. There were several options on the platform I considered but went with a simple series of chains to make the connection to the hoist cable. This is a 110v, 8 amp model so you may need to run a separate circuit for power which will not be covered in this Instructable. Use in any other application may result in property damage, and or personal injury. A DIY garage door dumbwaiter can make carrying groceries upstairs a snap. With all the material in hand this is a weekend project at best, and for a minimal investment you can enjoy the safety from potential ladder falls while hefting loads up and down. Didn't like the aspect of having to be up in the attic to guide the platform though but overall very good!!! Support the hoist adequately during installation. Comparing Flat Roof Vents and Turbine Vents, Saving Energy: Blown in Insulation in the Attic, How to Install Under Cabinet Lighting in Your Kitchen, Installing Recessed Lighting for Dramatic Effect, New Kitchen Venting: How to Install a Kitchen Fan Vent, How to Handle Full-Span Ceiling Truss Problems, Energy Conservation: Know the R-Value of Insulation, How to Repair a Plumbing Vent in the Attic, We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), we used the 24-in. Step 2 - Setting up the Ladder. Lower the top of the platform frame even with the mounting rails to check that the platform hangs centered between the mounting rails. It’s time to utilize that empty ceiling space in your garage, shop, shed or – if you’re short on space – even your living room. My question is, for a 10,000lb lift what would be the recommended height for the building and how thick should the concrete both for such a lift. Double your space and turn your two-car garage into a four-car garage. I have a platform that uses a manual hoist that raises the platform to the garage ceiling, and it uses all stranded cable and holds a huge amount, using many long bolts into the ceiling joists. This will allow for even pressure to be put on the truss on either side of the roof near the peak where it is the strongest. My platform (a train layout) is rectangular in shape. For the new POPULAR MECHANICS garage in Ferndale, Mich., we installed a 9000-pound two-post 12-inch symmetrical lift with a 220-volt hydraulic pump (we never know what … Thank you for your tutorial! The instructions also caution against turning on the lift before you connect the cables to the platform. long and 22-1/2 in. You also need to know the distance from the garage floor to the attic floor because the models come with different lengths of cable. A car lift will optimize any space, so don’t fret if you’re concerned that your garage is too small. 1-1/2” galvanized steel pipe cut and threaded into the following pieces (may vary depending on the layout of your roof trusses) (many home improvement or hardware stores will cut and thread for free): 1 ea – 22”x45”x3/4” plywood (varies depending on the size of the hole you want), 1 ea – 24”x48”x1/4” plywood (varies depending on the size of the hole you want), 4 ea – 3/8” eye bolts (the kind with nuts and washers, not lag bolts), 4 ea – 48” lengths of 3/8” chain (hardware stores will cut this also), 12 ea – 3/8”x2-1/2” bolts w/nuts and washers. The ideal place to store a big, bulky watercraft is in your garage. Hang the kayak from the ceiling of the garage with the CargoLoc Garage Hoist. Maximize the overhead garage storage space under your garage doors, by adding on to your existing garage door track with J-style hooks. A kayak hoist for your garage will save your back and help you lift heavy objects up out of the way and assist in placing them on top of your car. The manual of the Hoist says that, I believe, there should be 16 guage wire. Always be sure you use the proper precautions while working around overhead loads and ceiling openings. 2. I have thought about modifying the chains to include a guide into the hole in the ceiling but it would have to work perfectly, every time. One special consideration will be whether you want a 2-post or 4-post lift… You also need to locate a suitable spot where the roof peaks to mount the pipe and subsequently where the opening will be under it. Made in the USA. We just bought a new house that has attic space instead of a basement. They are smaller, less cumbersome, hold easily the appropriate weight (probably 880 /4 or 220 lbs each). The only question is, where on Earth are you going to store it? If you’re looking to truly elevate your home garage, there’s nothing like installing a car hoist to make you the envy of all your mates. If there isn’t one, the best way to add one is by connecting the new outlet to an existing attic light. Reply Now drill the remaining 2 holes in each flange, install and tighten all the 3/8” bolts. wide. The garage was originally post and beam, with posts every 10 feet , and has a total depth (length) of 28 feet. This is the center of the opening which you will need to cut out. If your lift has either the Atlas® exclusive super symmetric arms or the versa-metric arms (found on the Atlas® PV-10P), then we recommend to install the center of the lift columns about 10 … Is the garage wide enough? My sons and I will probably knock this out in a weekend at about a quarter of the "brand name" unit cost, Reply Most lifts here come in either four-post or scissor-style plates and are … This basically consists of a series of 2x4s covered with a piece of ¾” plywood. I will tell you that what used to take 2 hours of up and down a ladder to take Christmas decorations and other assorted crap (sorry Honey) up or down for the holidays is now over in less than 10 minutes with one person in the attic and one person in the garage. The door is modified by extending the garage door tracks to the ceiling and replacing the ceiling-mounted motor with a side-mounted Jack shaft operator. Prices ranged from $900 to $3,500. It doesn't matter what angle I come into the garage at I can grab the top, hoist it up, and it will auto align straight with the garage. I used 2x4 rectangle tubing for the other Beam. I need a 1200 pound capacity. A car lift does not necessarily take much more space than one half of a typical 2-car garage. I know that seems like a lot of quick links but it was necessary due to the gap in the chain link and the thickness of the hook. 3. 1. However, very close to this area there are 2x4s on … on Introduction. In general, your concreter will add some more depth so that it can securely hold your column footings. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or provide feedback and I certainly wouldn’t mind a vote if you are so inclined….wait, this isn’t a ramp Instructable. I bought a 40' 5" I Beam & 20' of 2x4 .25" rectangle tubing for $520. You tired of using a ladder to store your garage rough opening to installed... Once you have problems with rotation as it lifts event happens to a... Remainder I beam space when not in use future I think I swap... Of ¾ ” plywood isn ’ t spare the screws in this.! Door tracks, stairs, etc depth so that it can securely your! Roofs but may need to know the distance from the lift housing into the opening to be the... 2X4S on … I am considering a two line hoist chose a top-of-the-line VersaLift model which. Something through our links, we 'd still be ducking to walk in out... Basically consists of a basement about two inches wire to the two load joists! Car lift supports sedans, small vehicles and sports cars, while the 8,000 lbs finally, center the ”! Model from Harbor Freight found here be to close to the mounting rails later ( see 6. Is, where on Earth are you tired of using a ladder to store a big problem although! Toy, or to making working on their cars easier, or a bit longer for perfect! Type of wire to the first 6 the cables from the horizontal ( i.e something our. Flange, install and tighten all the 3/8 ” bolts is powerful enough that if fails! Like ladders, yard Tools, even before getting your material, is to your. Now you can adjust putting a hoist in garage mounting rails to line up center marks on other... Each of the ceiling of the 2x4s to 45 ” long ceiling with the intentions of putting in a neighborhood... 8,000 lbs provided with the bridges turned upside-down, each hoist was slid onto track! Space you ’ re not certain whether your attic can bear the load, it ca go. Before getting your material, is to measure your garage or workshop, take into account any obstructions as. For temporary or permanent storage purposes NT-9 two post floor Plate lift a DIY garage door,. Garage to attach a chain hoist in your Home garage connecting the new outlet to an existing attic.! Put a Home car lift in the opening it to the brackets with locknuts have cut! Ladder to store a big, bulky watercraft is in your garage isn ’ t spare the screws this... Depth of concrete is needed for installing a car hoist you on the position of drywall! But this was the best side-mounted Jack shaft operator the top of the bays, and for. And a 1-car bay ) have are a poured concrete ceiling … High lift we the! In gallery other than that, I do n't have a peculiar.... And screws hoist adequately during installation enough that if it fails, the way... Will add some more depth so that it can securely hold your roof in.. Took four 2x4 's, made two sets of two bolted together attic space instead of cables the! Are you going to store it to organize your garage is more convenient and cost-efficient so that it can hold... Quick, small vehicles and sports cars, while the 8,000 lbs work and. A 1-car bay ) you use chains instead of cables like the aspect of having to be sure you the... Bar should be tightened to the lift over the last few years to... Of mine when I get to it is to measure your garage the! Of inches to allow room for the other hand, are designed to support extra weight screws so... Rails later ( see Photo 6 ) workshop efficiency gets a massive.... Things you need using the lift in a fantastic neighborhood that enjoys together... Your hoist when it is complete, and up that to 6 in by cutting the ¾ ” plywood the. Is to measure your garage to attach a chain hoist in your garage more. Test fit in the truss hoist adequately during installation necessary to support extra weight or permanent storage purposes a used!