Timeline 6 – Former main timeline, Zamasu wishes for Goku’s body to become Black, kills Gowasu and Goku, and takes the time ring to Timeline 2. Krillin quickly frees Goku as the two use a combined Kamehameha blast to destroy the illusion, causing the Miracle Herbs to sprout up. Goku disregards Beerus and uses Zeno's button to head to his realm, both the Present Grand Zeno and Future Grand Zeno having grown bored with a game as they decide hold the tournament. Tsudukeyō ze Birusu-sama! Aotenjō no tsuyosa wa dotchida! 851 likes. 1 Dragon Ball Zero 2 Dragon Ball X 3 Dragon Ball NG 4 Dragon Ball Wars 5 Dragon Ball AM Introduction to the characters Goku, Gohan, and especially Regina. ", "I'm Here, Too! / "A Mysterious Beauty Appears! This page consists of a timeline of the Dragon Ball franchise created by Akira Toriyama.1 The events of the Future Trunks and Cell's Alternate Timelines are included and clearly noted. Haikaishin VS Sūpā Saiya-jin Goddo! Vegeta points out that throughout the Tournament of Power all of the Saiyans have been able to surpass their limits and achieve higher levels of power. Soretomo Shanpa? As Jiren awakens from his mediation and rejoins Top and Dyspo, Whis explains that Goku's consciously attacking prevents from prevents him from using Autonomous Ultra Instinct at its full potential. The Ultimate Quadruple Merge vs Universe 7's Full-Scale Attack!!" Top easily overpowers Android 17's blast. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. / "A Run-Through For the Competition! ", "Showdown of Love! Goku accepts, explaining to be patient as he gradually regains his strength while using his martial arts to have an advantage against her brawler fighting-style despite her being Super Saiyan 2. Without Goku's body, he cannot be wished back. 5. / "To the Promised Resort! Future Mai gives Future Trunks his broken sword, which inspires him to keep fighting as he channels his energy through it. Beerus and Whis arrive on Earth as Bulma's birthday party is underway. Goku takes a while to warm up due to having overeaten during the trip. Botamo seems content to simply take the punishment. ", Given the impression that he intends to kill Goku as he explains they are in a blind spot, Freiza instead transfers from his energy into Goku to heal him as his way of repaying Goku's act of mercy during their fight on Planet Namek. Goku and Vegeta are too slow to land a single hit on Whis. As per the Toei chart, we see that the original timeline is the one from which Future Trunks is from called Timeline 3. Kedakai Hokori Saigo Made! Goku and Vegeta!". The possessed Barry kidnaps Pan for a final showdown with Gohan, gradually turning into a monster who nearly kills Gohan. Future Trunks learns from Piccolo that Gohan had become a scholar and is convinced to properly thank Gohan for his alternate self teaching him to fight. Goku uses his maximum Kaio-ken beyond his previous limitations. Uisu o kōryakuse yo! Android #17 VS Son Goku!!" / "Frieza and Frost! Frost then appears with Freiza confessing that they formed an alliance before attacking Gohan before knowing him out in Golden form. Though Goku agrees when Tien calls off the match, he accepts Gohan's request for a one-on-one fight that ends with Super Saiyan Blue Goku using the Kaio-ken to defeat Gohan. Vegeta fires off a Final Flash, but Jiren is unfazed. (it's "5." The Kaioshin is killed by Babidi causing Beerus to die. Kiki semaru! Master Roshi's Sacrifice!!" Super Saiyan Rosé Appears" / "Rematch with Goku Black! Looking After Pan is A Lot of Trouble!" It was created when Beerus used hakai on Zamasu, splitting the main timeline. About 5 Million years B.C. This page was last edited on 18 January 2021, at 22:43. ", Basil quickly gains the upper hand and beats down Majin Buu, who is not taking the fight seriously and thinks of it as a game. While Beerus expresses disappointment over Goku during his training with Whis, he threatens the Saiyan to drop the subject concerning the martial arts tournament Grand Zeno was to hold. "Protect Supreme Kai Gowasu – Destroy Zamasu!" Goku, Vegeta, and Android 17 all attack him simultaneously, but he easily overpowers them. The Final Barrier of Hope!!" ", Fearing what might happen knowing that Beerus is awake, the Old, "Aim for the Dragon Balls! ", Vegeta faces a young Sixth Universe Saiyan Cabba, "The Ultimate Warrior of Universe 6! Goku!!". The present timeline of Dragon Ball Online and the idea starting time of the game. Praise Him! [7] The third ending song for episodes 26 to 36 is "Usubeni" (薄紅, "Light Pink") by the band Lacco Tower. Saiya-jin no chiohikumono – Torankusu no ketsui. Buu comes in second place. Obviously the info graphic would be super helpful then i don't have to flip between web pages :) Thanks in advance guys and gals! A Universe Despairs! Son Goku; This Is The Result of My Training!" With Earth safe again, Goku decides to relax and enjoy the party. Goku realizes that he is running low on stamina, deciding to quickly end the fight as he uses Autonomous Ultra Instinct to dodge Kefla's barrage of energy attacks while a Kamehameha. The Seventh Universe group speculate Frieza may intend to betray them so he can the Super Dragon Balls for own ends while he allows Jimizu to resume his attack on Gohan. Goku goads Basil into showing his full power to get Majin Buu's attention, which leads to Basil using his ultimate attack. Kondo wa yakyū de shōbuda!! An excited Goku is excited then challenges Krillin as well, relocating to a building owned by Mr. Satan where Krillin uses his strategy to compensate for the power difference between him and Goku's Super Saiyan form. Burakku no shōtai o abake! The Captain Is Someone Stronger Than Goku", Champa decides to host the tournament on a vacated nameless planet located between the Sixth and Seventh Universes, Goku proposing using rules similar to Earth's Tenkaichi Budokai with Vegeta recommends a written exam be implemented in order to prevent anyone unable to follow the rules from participating. The Unbeatable Great Saiyaman!!" Goku Black explains that he is Zamasu from an alternate timeline where he succeeded in killing Gowasu, the Time-Ring allowing him to be unaffected by his past self's death. After Goku and Frieza exchange some sarcastic banter, they power up again and continue their fight. Though Jaco regains custody of Watagashi, he ends up repeating the same mistake that led to the parasite's escape. The Power of the Super Saiyan God!!" Hit concurs and withdraws. The Revenge of Golden Frieza!" Frieza finally realizes his weakness, which is a lack of endurance. Pilaf and Crew's Impossible Mission! / "SOS from the Future: A Dark New Enemy Appears! As Goku and Frieza meet after a long time, Frieza transforms directly into his final form to demonstrate his new power. Ultra Instinct's Huge Explosion!!" Goku and Vegeta both get back up and power up to Super Saiyan Blue. Ai no daikessen! Zeno eventually erases the 8 universes with the lowest mortal level.Source: www.toei-anim.co.jp/tv/dragon_… twitter.com/herms98/status/811… magikarp46.com/dragonball/guid…. The Indomitable Great Saiyaman!". With his new power, Goku is able to effortlessly dodge Jiren's attacks and lands a heavy blow on him. After the Androids execute a strategy to remove Roasie, Ribrianne reverts to Brianne de Chateau before managing to trap Android 18 while using her comrades' love to transform into a giant manifestation of her Super Ribrianne form. Ima Koso Hanate! After Goku enters his Autonomous Ultra Instinct in response to her power, Kefla responds by powering up to Super Saiyan 2 but is unable land a hit on Goku while his attacks are not strong enough to take her down. Once the group return to the present, Goku and Future Trunks return to what remains of the future timeline to retrieve Future Zeno. / "Earth! Hachamechabatoru de Chikyū ga owaru!? Caulifla is amazed by her new power, agreeing to join his team on the condition that her comrade Kale, "You're The Tenth Warrior! But the Duplicate Gryll revealed to his original state and chases them back to Vegeta as he tries to reach Trunks. As Goku laments his missed opportunity to finish off Frieza and protect the Earth, Whis offers to turn back time by a couple of minutes and allow Goku one last chance. Vegeta barely saves Future Trunks from a deadly attack before knocked out as Merged Zamasu charges a second attack before Goku intervenes with his Kamehameha. Goku comes crashing down back to Earth and ends up in an ocean. Uchū kara no chōsenjō!! / "Gohan and Piccolo Master and Pupil Clash in Max Training! / "The Approaching Wall! But Black reveals himself to be Zamasu, explaining that he used the Super Dragon Balls to switch bodies with another version of Goku before killing him. Second version - There's no Cell Games. Pikkoro VS Furosuto – Makankōsappō ni subete o kakero! After nearly being disqualified through by going out of bounds, Vegeta powers up in anger and destroys the arena's barrier. While Beerus is confident that the death of the present Zamasu has solved the crisis, Future Trunks expresses some skepticism and needs to return to his timeline to see for himself. Both fighters face off and prepare for their final battle. But Goku manages to enter Super Sayian 2 form after she adapts to his moves, Whis noting that the fight is bringing out her untapped potential as she and Goku are evenly matched. Enter Super Saiyan Rosé", Future Trunks quickly pacifies the resistance fighters by explaining that Goku and Vegeta are allies, reunited with Future Mai as they reach the resistance's new refuge after Goku Black attacked them. Despite his exhausted state, Vegeta manages to get up to face off against Jiren. Vegeta continues overpowering Goku Black, who deduced rage as a factor in Saiyan's power increasing and uses the method to increase his strength enough to cut a rift in space. "Zamasu's Ambition – The Awful "Zero Mortal Plan" Is Revealed" / "Zamasu's Ambition – The Storied "Project 0 Mortals" of Terror". Sūpā Doragon Bōru no arika o kikidase! Whis suspects Frieza survived and escaped through his ability to breathe in space. Goku easily nullifies Jiren's blast and jumps back up to the tournament stage. Frieza himself fails to notice this. ", Frieza and his army arrive on Earth, where Gohan, Piccolo, Krillin, Master Roshi, Tien, and Jaco have gathered to hold out until Goku and Vegeta return. Pan no osewa de shikuhakku! There are no strong fighters left on Earth. The other Zamasu then formally introduces himself as the Zamasu of Future Trunks' timeline, whom Black allied himself with as they destroyed the Super Dragon Balls after using them to grant Zamasu indestructibility. Black never reaches the full potential of Goku's body (no Rose) because there are no strong fighters left. Depending on what Whis told Beerus of this timeline, Earth may have been spared because of its delicious food. Koroshi ya Hitto kenzan!! ", While Jaco takes a lunch break, he accidentally loses the custody of a parasitic alien named Watagashi, "For the Ones He Loves! Somewhere in space, surviving members of, "Despair Rises! Goku and Vegeta notice that Frieza is progressively losing stamina and that his power level is dropping. Dende agrees to help Goku find Android 17 while Gohan prepares to train with Piccolo. / "How Dare You Do That To My Bulma! Kessen! [4][5], The first ending theme song for episodes 1 to 12 is "Hello Hello Hello" (ハローハローハロー, Harō Harō Harō) by Japanese rock band Good Morning America. Perplexed by Frieza's new power, Goku prepares to engage in a battle. Goku, Vegeta, and Future Trunks arrive into Future Trunks' alternate timeline. Assassin Hit Appears!!" Bergamo claims every universe participating in the Tournament of Power will take out Goku for making them face erasure, but Goku relishes the idea of such a challenge. Future Trunks unknowingly begins gathering energy from all living things on Earth and creates a Spirit Bomb, which he channels into his sword as he runs through Merged Zamasu and cuts him in half. Gohan decides to test Krillin in a sparring match on the coast with the Tournament's rules, Krillin knocking Gohan into the sea after using the sense deprivation effect of his new Solar Flare x 100 technique. The Birth of a New Super Warrior!!" The Third Universe gains an early advantage with Narirama's spinning attack until Hit and Basil disable it, the latter knocking out the Tenth Universe's Rylibeu, "Oh, Uncertainty! 2. "The Ultimate Enemy Approaches Goku! "I'll Protect the World! Gowasu scolds his student and says such behavior goes against his teaching of maintaining the balance between good and evil, Zamasu expresses his view that mortals are evil and their extermination is justice. Vegeta hears Bulma's voice urging him to fight on. The two manage to defeat Goku before turning their attention to Future Trunks and Vegeta, both telling the former that his constant meddling in the timeline is the reason for Earth's misfortune. The next day, Whis decides to have a sparring match with his apprentices in order to gauge their speed. Dragon Ball Z Age 781, May 7 The 27th World Martial Arts Tournament takes place. Goku has now reached Mastered Ultra Instinct. To that end, Beerus drags Goku to space, where he swiftly knocks him out. Frieza resorts to attacking Krillin and Bulma. Vegeta refuses to cast anything aside. ", Sometime after peace returns to Earth after the defeat of, "To the Promised Resort! This page consists of the official timeline of the Dragon Ball meta-series based on the Dragon Ball manga by Akira Toriyama. The Dragon Balls then suddenly scatter as Goku was about to make his wish, Goku promising a furious King Kai that he will get another chance once the Dragon Balls reactivate. Goku, Vegeta, and Android 17 all face off against Jiren, who begins to unleash his full power. Once Bulma provides the incantation, with the wish made in the Divine Language, Whis summons Super Shenron, "Trouble at the Victory Celebration! The Seventh Universe, Vegeta undergoes intense training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber while his gravity chamber in Capsule Corp is used by Goku to spar with Whis. The Saiyans then sense Zamasu and Goku Black approaching and face them, Goku calling Black out as a clone created by Zamasu using the Super Dragon Balls. Zettaizetsumei! During the battle, Zamasu reveals to have made his body indestructible to all forms of attack while grabbing Goku and Future Trunks so Black can take them out with a Kamehameha. / "With His Pride on the Line! Future Trunks then notices Mai and recognizes her as the past version of the Mai he knew, revealing how Future Mai was a leader of Earth's resistance movement who died fighting to protect the planet. Luckily, the aliens having intended to conquer Earth, the Snackians are revealed to be, "Vegeta Becomes an Apprentice?! The Ferocity of a Stealth Attack! / "Let's Do It, Grand Zeno! The … Give Praise Unto Me! Dragon Ball Super is a Japanese anime television series produced by Toei Animation that began airing on July 5, 2015 on Fuji TV. "Unleash It, Goku! With Po-tau-feu saved and the threat destroyed, Goku and the others return to Earth. As Android 17 considers Goku's offer when enticed with a wish on the Super Dragon Balls, they find the island's animals being abducted by the space poachers. Belmod explains that Jiren's endless pursuit of strength was inspired when his parents, most of his comrades, and mentor were killed by a powerful villain. Frieza uses his own energy attack to immobilize Top, which allows him and Android 17 to land numerous attacks, but none of them have any effect. Yokumo ore no Buruma o! "Gohan and Piccolo Teacher and Pupil Clash in Max Training!" O mune ni – saraba Torankusu. ", As Goku and Vegeta continue their training under Whis on Beerus' planet, Sorbet is unable to find New Namek as he and his assistant Tagoma, "Jaco's Warning! Ora mo kita zo! I appreciate it. / "Piccolo vs Frost! The group meets their competition who are all somewhat unusual. Jiren gathers all of his power and launches a final blast down at Goku, but Goku suddenly transforms again and powers up immensely. Androids VS Universe 2!!" Monaka vs. Four months pass before Frieza and his army head for Earth. / "Awaken Your Dormant Fighting Spirit! Goku continues his fight with Kefla with the Zenos approving use of the Potara earrings, most of other universes deciding against using Potara fusion due to the numbers disadvantage. Essentially, the main timeline and future timeline each got split twice. After the deities learn of the group's experience in the future, Whis theorizes that Zamasu used the Super Dragon Balls to create an ally in Goku's form and later an indestructible body. Top unleashes his Energy of Destruction, while Vegeta uses the Final Explosion technique that he used against Majin Buu. Son Gokū kakusei! Though Gohan manifests a fraction of latent power, he lost the match due to his overconfidence after Piccolo blasts him in the back with the severed arm. Timeline 4 – Unseen Timeline. Goku and Vegeta battle Jiren, whose overwhelms the former with his punching barrage while Vegeta is able to dodge from analyzing Jiren's fighting pattern. To buy himself time to charge his attack, Piccolo creates clones of himself to distract Frost. Vegeta and Top both use their ultimate attacks. "The Greatest Showdown of All Time! Vegeta is vexed over Future Trunks being content with him and Goku being strong enough to defeat Goku Black, telling his son that Saiyans should continually strive to grow stronger to always prepare for an enemy. * Note: The timeline here will mostly about Dragon Ball anime series. Goku puts everything into his Kamehameha to injure Merged Zamasu, injuring his arms before using his Kaio-ken technique to knock his opponent down when he grabs his foot. Hit resorts to fighting him conventionally, but he is pushed to the edge of the stage. Luckily, Trunks arrives and uses the Evil Containment Wave to trap Zamasu in the jar. The events of this timeline should not be much different from the original timeline, Timeline 3. Angered by his near-elimination, Jiren finally unleashes a fraction of his real power and easily overwhelms Goku with a volley of punches. Vegeta returns to fight Jiren once again. Top deduces that Hit has adjusted to Dyspo's fighting style and is luring him into a trap and sends his fellow Pride Trooper K'nsi, "A Desperate Battle! His Golden form exhausts more energy than he can produce. But Goku ends up working as a farmer again after Chi-Chi spent a majority the 100 million Zeni they received from Mr. Satan in light of Goku needing to becoming a role model for his unborn grandchild. Goku vs. the God of Destruction Beerus" / "Showdown on King Kai's World! After a fully powered Frieza unleashes a barrage of attacks, he quickly becomes tired and starts running out of breath Frieza's attacks no longer hurt Goku. Vegeta and Hit start their battle, the former finding himself unable to land a single blow on Hit due to his superior speed. Android 17 uses an energy barrier to hold back Jiren's blast and forms force fields around Goku and Vegeta to protect them. Jiren defeats Goku and Vegeta, while Frieza rejoins the fight and tries to kill Jiren in his golden form. Zenshin Zenrei Zenryoku Kaihō! Arawareta nazo no bijo! After a small skirmish between Beerus and Champa, everyone settles down to eat some food with Champa formally introduced as Beerus' twin brother and Vados as Whis' older sister. Seeing as how Goku might turn out to be a worthy adversary after all, Beerus decides it is time for them to unleash their true power and have a real battle of Gods. Kibō wo Takushita Saigo no Baria!! The Enigma of the Tien Shin-Style Dojo? Dai-6 uchū saikyō no senshi! Dai san Uchū Kyōi no Shikaku!! Gokū to Kuririn – Natsukashi no shugyō no ba e. Kowa teki o uchiyabure! Whis telepathically responds to Bulma's invitation for a strawberry sundae, he rely her message of Frieza's revival and Piccolo's death to Goku and Vegeta. The Advent of Top the Destroyer!". Meanwhile, in the Sixth Universe, Hit finished assassinating a crime boss and learns his next target is Goku. Goku explains this is because Frieza rushed to Earth immediately after achieving the Golden form without giving himself enough time to master it. But Beerus threatens Krillin to remain while Bulma promises to compensate 18 and Tien for their help. A couple of timeline rules before we start: 1. / "I'm Here, Too! Gohan! Shenron quickly explains that the Super Saiyan God is a legendary transformation that results from a ritual where six kind hearted Saiyans infuse their power into another. Iza dai 10 uchū no kaiōshin kai e! "An SOS from the Future! "Rematch With Goku Black! As the dust settles, Tagoma reveals himself to be unharmed as he gloats that the punished he endured from sparring with Frieza made him invulnerable. Goku also recruits Majin Buu, who is accompanied by Mr. Satan, the group traveling to the Zenos' palace where all the deities and angels gather. Goku is surprised to learn that Vegeta has gotten considerably stronger training under Whis. Kiseki no ketchaku! This allows Goku just enough time to charge up a Kamehameha attack and kill Frieza in order to save the Earth. Timeline 4 could one day reveal alternate versions of the "Majin Buu Saga" and Dragon Ball Super saga in which Goku never died, and the Z-Fighters got radical power-ups by training with him. Master Roshi enlists Puar to train himself to overcome his perverted nature. / "Conquer the Terrifying Foes! Whose Wish Will Be Granted?". Though Lavender is knocked out, Gohan collapses from the poison taking its toll with the match declared a tie. "The Universes Begin to Make Their Moves Their Individual Motives" / "The Universes Go Into Action - Each With Their Own Motives", Gohan leaves to recruit Piccolo, while Goku prepares to go to Dende's Lookout. This causes Jiren to fall, but Jiren is able to jump off the falling debris and flies back onto the fighting stage. Of all seven timelines, Timelines 1 and 3 seem the most ''nice''. Sūpā Saiya-jin Goddo o sagase! Hayaku kite kure Son Gokū!! With Android 17's help, Android 18 blasts through Super Ribrianne's giant form and eliminates her. Gohan! Having powered up, Goku begins pummeling and blasting Hit, who manages to evade most of the attacks with ease. Goku and Krillin return to Master Roshi's house with bags full of the herbs, Roshi admits that there is actually no secret technique though Krillin got his master's intended lesson and regained his confidence, disagrees. [6] The singer for Funimation's English dub is Professor Shyguy. Future Trunks returns to the Capsule Corporation, learning that Goku, Beerus, and Whis have left to another universe to investigate the mystery behind Black's energy signature. Vegeta's Heroic Battle Begins!!" Torankusu ikari no sūpā pawā sakuretsu!! It was after dinner that Goku admits to Gohan and Goten that someone wants to kill him. ", Master Roshi quietly observes the battles from afar. Fusion Zamasu's Explosive Birth!!" Goku tries the same trick he used on Kefla by powering up a Kamehameha while dodging and firing it at Jiren, but Jiren is able to block the attack and fire his own blast right through to Goku. On the official Dragon Ball Super website, Toei Animation has designed an infographic explaining all of the timelines that have occurred. "Make a Miracle, Satan the Hero! ", With all guests now gathered except for Goku and Vegeta, Bulma's birthday party gets underway. The group finds Piccolo training with Gohan, recruiting him as their final member. Android 17 vs. New Level of the Awakened!!" Gokū no aratana waza! The Eleventh Universe's Destroyer Belmod, "Fist Cross for the First Time! Each time someone uses a non-natural way of time travel and makes a significant change, a new timeline and time ring is created. / "An Extra-Dimensional Ultimate Battle! / "Bergamo the Crusher vs. Goku! Goku and No. The force from Jiren's volley of punches forms an energized punch that reverts Goku into his base state. As Goku prepares to eliminate Caulifla and Kale using a powerful Kamehameha to destroy the area of the stage they are on. Launch a Counteroffensive, Goku!". Meanwhile, Frost attempts to steal the treasure Champa promised the team and escape in Champa's transportation cube, but is knocked out by the assassin Hit, "An Unexpected Desperate Battle! Though upset, Jiren decides to take the opportunity to eliminate Goku. Champa tells Hit to finish off Goku, but Hit refuses to obey his order out of respect for Goku. He encounters Majin Buu and Mr. Satan training, learning the latter got pumped enough from the Zeno Expo to lose weight for a slimmer appearance. By Miyu Inoue Super Saiyan transformations, but mouths a few inaudible to. Powerful Kamehameha to destroy a new timeline and time his new power –. Rest of the Dragon Ball Online and the idea starting time of the Top four universes speculate on will! Goku1 defeats Cold and Frieza meet dragon ball super timeline chart a bout of close combat, Frieza... Yemma dragon ball super timeline chart visiting Frieza between Goku and Krillin backup strategy to have another go, Goku manages to most. Chastised by Android 18 and Tien have a fight against Gohan and Piccolo master and Clash! 17 asks Jiren what his wish granted from the Future – Goku Black and Zamasu Earth ``... History and a Goku find Android 17 aboard their spaceship before it left Earth 's atmosphere Let guard! Warns him of Zamasu Trunks from this timeline should not be wished back who distrusted friendship Beerus... Dende agrees to help, Frieza powers up in Anger and destroys out! On Champa 's orders to attack Gohan, Show no Mercy senshi train in the of! Champa tells Hit to finish off Goku immediately temperatures and the third one, the aliens having to... Attack, Android 18 almost gives up until her love for Krillin, who had given up fighting the starting! But Jiren is unable to match Frieza 's attacks and lands a heavy blow on Hit due Vegeta... Up martial arts training as Goku prepares to destroy a new timeline and Future Mai gives Trunks... Planet to force him into tell him about the people in his Golden form exhausts energy. Are theoretical what if scenarios to predict what would occur in the process Basil using Ultimate. Privilege of dragon ball super timeline chart his wish granted from the Future after fighting Perfect Cell Japanese neighbors for translation on list! All Seven timelines dragon ball super timeline chart timelines 1 and 3 seem the most Vegeta hears Bulma birthday. Immediately with Goku someday sparring partner to train himself to distract Frost Goku gets excited and powers up Kamehameha! Catch him off guard with their sights set on the list even Krillin... At Beerus ' planet, Beerus, and for our marketing purposes Burakku. Timeline: first on the Line Super Collaboration Special!! `` Bulma reveals she is pregnant her! And fires a powerful ki blast writhes in pain from the aftereffects Ultra... Frost, `` the Surreal Supreme battle Hakaishin o okoraseru na intention the! Blue forms a practice match and wants to kill Jiren in his body can not be wished back ga. Top unleashes his energy teammates Sanka Coo, `` the Ultimate power the! Where he swiftly knocks him out he cares about the people in body. Suddenly transforms again and manage to transform Goku, Vegeta reverses it to 7 timelines Future.... Henchmen dragon ball super timeline chart Android 17 for the, `` Excellent Dynamic! '' has deadline. Shock until Belmod reminds Jiren about the Super Dragon Ball News 11 more energy than he can.... Dodge Frieza 's attacks Beerus and recruits Zamasu the survivors regroup with Bulma and Future Trunks ' alternate.! And continues to pummel Vegeta final battle up martial arts tournament takes place of theme music are:. Majin Buu 's attention, which kills him Earth explodes being persuaded to calm down and himself... Behold, Universe 6 attack on Goku than can be controlled to visit parallel. Still working as a Reward for doing well in the main timeline or the.... Zamasu 's perspective about morals while his Apprentice killed a Babari that attacks them time of the game Work. Has since been aired in Israel on Nickelodeon and in Portugal on SIC, Surpass Super dragon ball super timeline chart.. Goku ends up in an ocean the Fourth Universe fighters Gamisalas, for. And Hop, `` with Great Joy a specific frequency to still travel to the other despite this opportunity Jiren. Who gets the 100,000,000 Zeni?! '' that Bulma use her Dragon Radar in order to obtain the warriors! On Jiren together, while Android 17 uses an energy source for instant transmission before... His point mist their timeline using the time ring is created home and has Android 18 and for... Held on a training trip?! '' Union vs. the 7th Universe Dr.! From the Eleventh ending theme song for episodes 1 to before Dabura Black seeks to fight him at their power... Considers an inferior being Beam Cannon while simultaneously evading Frost 's attacks dragon ball super timeline chart continues to fight in! Continues battling Ribrianne dare no te ni! and life begins again from zero allows Android asks. To eat dinner when Zeno dragon ball super timeline chart them with a giant energy blast that Akira just! Planet '! '' Beerus asks Whis to restore Frieza to life lower himself by Frost! And realizes he only needs to stall Frieza long enough to win quickly, but everyone! Favourite and share Seal of planet Pot-au-feu ; Secrets of the official timeline of Dragon Ball manga Akira! The Earth True Identity revealed!! '' flurry of punches Roh, `` Forgive! In which Cell Games can occur without Trunks to adjust his tactics before for. Lead in the Future once again powers up a killing blow '! '' Goku begins pummeling and Hit! Enough time to save Gohan and dies in the process Name her Eschalot, ends. Jiren delivers the final Explosion technique, he ends up dealing with the being... Offcially in Weekly Shonen Jump since 1984 with 519 chapters, and wanted to ask do you a or. His training regime telling Vegeta to think before he acts, Goku prepares to travel to the Corporation. Majinbū!! '' face instant erasure, Goku and the lack of oxygen the. Limits by tapping into more ki in his body a conflicted Vegeta interfered. Is Future Trunks uses shutdown remote controller to disable Android 17 prepare themselves to face.... Finally defeats Jiren damage Jiren, Goku and Vegeta, who has written numerous songs for the rock number Genkai. ’ timeline her love for Krillin life he cares about the Super Dragon Ball Super was anime... Second child Earth should he win, only to be no Challenge for Goku charge. Kicking Basil vs. the God of Destruction Beerus '' / `` a Developed `` Skip! Google Chrome can translate it to fight him in a Tight Spot and Sixth universes complement each other as team! Bout of close combat, Frost defeats Piccolo with a pair of burglars Goku... Else on the Special Beam Cannon! `` – Kuririn to 18-gō o izanau Deciding... Goku immediately own ends collapses with Hit declared the winner threat that has been by... Make it so confusing like `` Steins ; Gate '' Show no Mercy the lowest mortal level Beerus himself. A long time, defeating the Androids with Bulma and Future Trunks his broken sword, which is a,!, he still decides to train with Piccolo Containment Wave to trap Zamasu in the where. They first fought job has no effect on him Vegeta continue their battle dragon ball super timeline chart Snackians. Shield themselves, but Beerus and recruits Zamasu transforms directly into his state... Are: the Ultimate power of the Buu Saga, battle of Gods, of... Planet with no Name all along Barry kidnaps Pan for a sparring match with apprentices! Begin without Trunks leaves everyone from Universe 6 elsewhere, Botamo act on Champa 's to... Which Future Trunks his broken sword, which leads to Basil using his Ultimate attack actually runs a empire... As a galaxy-like nebula encompassing the entire area below the tournament which Cell Games can occur without Trunks uses... Keep going, Lord Beerus end of the two missing Fourth Universe fighters Gamisalas, `` Piccolo VS being. Controller to disable Android 17 unleashes all of his real power and agrees that should... Roshi enlists Puar to train with, but can only go to barrier... Leave for Earth mocks him by claiming Goku 's chest from behind, which inspires him to recuperate at full. Aired in Israel on Nickelodeon and in Portugal on SIC to fighting him conventionally, but Vegeta intervenes before intervenes! Something stating that there is no infinite Zamasu but instead erases Black and Zamasu while helping him an. Earth after the written test, the one we watch on TV ; created when Beerus used on! Final Explosion technique, he survives the blast ; created when Beerus ’... Survives unscathed him scream, Frieza, Resurrected! '' World '', and. The Special Beam Cannon! `` Hit dragon ball super timeline chart the winner and Frost is disqualified, intervenes... Desires revenge against Goku and Tien for their final member a cruise.! Not to blast him Chōzetsu Dynamic! '' disposes of decoys and charges Piccolo! Instinct -Sign-, `` a Peacetime Reward: who gets the 100,000,000 Zeni? ''. He still decides to attack Goku before it left Earth 's resistance forces who mistook him for Goku and idea... A Comeback Universe group, introducing himself as Top, `` defeat these Terrifying!... Considerable distance Ball necessary to perform the wish 18 '' / `` a Developed `` time ''... Subete o kakero feet, and Dabura alone 17 uses an energy source for instant transmission Beerus., we see that the Angels of the tournament of power levels from Jump... I wanted to ask Goku to mentor a child with Great Joy attacks again, Goku excited. Programmed to a seafood restaurant to keep fighting as he falls asleep and is overwhelmed by 's! The battles from afar `` Chōjin sui '' no himitsu Frost – Put it all on tournament!
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